NEW model

Aroma Diffuser ”MAU” made of Japanese paper "Washi"  (New model)
“Fly to the beautiful world”

We will sell package products of the aroma diffuser ”MAU” with essential oils “YUZU(Citrus junos) 5ml” of Kochi Prefecture in japan.

Electrical, fire, water is unnecessary.
Aroma diffuser made of the Japanese paper "WASHI"

Aroma diffuser "MAU" New model(made of Japanese paper ”Washi”)
"Fly to the beautiful world"

  • Using the Japanese paper to the aroma diffuser .
    Japanese paper in the shape of the butterfly is the diffuser. There was dropped the aroma essential oil , and to diffuse the scent .Aroma to fragrance in the Japanese paper is friendly to feature clear .It is cans model of portable and lightweight.

  • This is a portable and lightweight can type with a cover.
    It is possible to end immediately the scent by the can cover, it is also able to carry on without leaking the scent.
    It will fall in the light for bag or pouch.

  • French chic flower arrangement.
    It's a fusion of French chic and Japanese "Wa" . You can enjoy as well as an art,interior.
    In order to take advantage of the texture with the Japanese paper, each one carefully lifted fold in the hands of flower decorator, has been decorated in conjunction with the dry preserved flower.

  • Size
    diameter 45mm/ height 15mm
  • Envelope
    made of cans
  • In cans
    The preserved flower and dried flower arrangements and the Japanese paper.

What is the aroma diffuser ”MAU” made of the Japanese paper?

MAU becomes a saucer essential oil is an aromatic instrument for diffusing smell.

You can feel easy and natural and gentle fragrance By using the Japanese paper to the aromatic place.

Do you know the "essential oil" in the aroma extract of the condensed plant?

It is a smell of liquid indispensable to aromatherapy get a relax in to enjoy the fragrance, flowers and fruit, such as herbs and trees, it will be taken from a variety of plants.

The combination of Japanese paper (traditional craft) in Japan and "aromatherapy" of Europe

The aroma product "MAU" was born as modern art of traditional craft from Japan.

  • French chic flower design
  • Bring the bright colors and the scene to-eye
  • A comfortable fragrance get back the original of you

Flower decorator has be making "MAU" while thinking the aroma and "MAU" will be usefl in your daily life.